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    Light. Lines. Texture.

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    “If only my heart were stone.”

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    My illustration tutor at uni thought I should try photography, so I bought a camera and started a 365 project to help learn how to use it. 3 years later, I’m still talking photo’s everyday. Photo’s of Manchester (England)… live music… arty close-ups of everyday objects. I don’t plan on stopping either.

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    I picked up photography a few years ago and got myself a Nikon D5000. I also use Instagram and am looking forward to playing with my new Olympus OM10. I love capturing birds and wildlife, but mostly waterscapes and reflections. I love the vintage effect you get from film photography so my next step is going to be black and white film portraits( and of course the usual waterscapes and reflections).

    Matthew Squire

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    Staff Pick -

    I love how this picture captures the moment when the light was just perfect, creating a halo around the subject. The drama and the contrast in this photo really draw me into it.


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    Staff Pick -

    This photo is well-balanced. The artist made an awesome contrast in this photograph. Perfect timing on that time of the day I think? This is not the usual night-shot that we see.


    Above First Avenue looking towards Harlem. New York City.

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    The Sunset II by Bryce Evans